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Wonderful music I listen to - by wonderful people I know...


I was lucky to meet Noel and have the opportunity to record with him for one of his albums.  His music reaches into your heart and his voice is gentle and warm.

Eric Lambert

"This is gonna be fun"

If Eric is a part of the music - yes.

One of those players that when he picks up his guitar to play, I put mine down to listen...


Robin and I played together in several bands when we were in our 20's.  His playing is inspiring.  His song writing and singing just make me smile.  I still follow his music.  Give him a listen!

Gina Forsyth

Oh Gina.  Guitar and fiddle, she brings it.  I was so lucky to be part of her performances at a couple of gigs.  Listen to her song "The Sweetest Song".  Someday she will record it again and ask me to play on the track...I can dream right?


His songwriting is personal and intimate, he weaves music and life moments into wonderful songs.  He will make you laugh and then move you to tears.  Give him a listen

Katherine Rondeau

There's a storm a brewin' in NJ.  It's big and bold.  It can deliver a ballad  with a firm hand and then knock you out with the next song. 

Chris Whiteman

Jazz.  This guy play so with much feeling.  His chord voicings - so sweet.  His playing is beautiful, creative and smart. 

Annie Donahue

Her songwriting is deceptively simple and pure.  Her voice is sweet and high.  She is the center of the Annie Donahue Trio.  The most collaborative musical group I am lucky to be a part of...

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