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Fun and lighthearted, intense and honest, Todd Dennison carefully and lovingly crafted a masterful collaboration which brought the audience along on a sweet and beautiful journey of truth, love, friendship and warmth culminating with what felt like a giant group hug.

My first guitar!

I started playing guitar at an early age.  My grandmother bought me my first guitar and started me on guitar lessons. 

I gave up the guitar for a few years and switched to trumpet where I developed a lifelong love for horn-based funk and soul.  Play me some Tower of Power, Chicago, or Blood Sweat & Tears!

At that time I also fell in love with jazz and that carried over to my guitar playing. I eventually switched back to guitar, forever.

As I grew in my musical journey, I discovered that I really enjoyed the musical experience, the "dialogue" between guitarist and singer.  That relationship,  during a song, can be powerful and intimate.  My happy place.


Todd produced a show that was varied, musically brilliant,
and absolutely delightful from the
first note to the last.

Stylishly original, clean, and highly skilled, It is never flashy or showy, but always the perfect accompaniment to the song or the musical moment.  This is a type of virtuosity in which a lot of the more famous virtuosi will sometimes fall short.
Mike Agranoff, Program Chair, 
The Minstrel Acoustic Concert Series

"I love, love, LOVE, with a capital L what you are doing! The astonishing combination of the relationship of your instruments and the articulate nature of your arrangements was simply magical!"  - Reggie Harris

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